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Kids Quran Reading from Basic


These classes are structured mainly for kids to enhance their capability of learning Noorani Qaida with important rules of tajweed and to make lectures easier for children. We use some of the best online interactive tools available.


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Easy memorizing

Special courses designed for kids and elder women and men.
For live Holy Qur’an Memorization course we established a team of professional scholars who are hafiz and have experience in handling the hifz students. To make it successful we track all their previous lessons and keep record of new sessions and take the student in such a pattern that it becomes very easy to learn further knowledge about this course. Read More »read quran online free trial
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Tajweed rules

Special courses designed for young kids and elder men and women.
Before gaining further notice on how this course works, one must understand what is tajweed. Tajweed and its importance are great when it comes to learning the Holy Quran. Tajweed helps in making little to no pronunciation errors while reciting.Tajweed is an essential part to learning and reciting the Qur’an properly with all its etiquettes Find out now Read More »read quran online free trial
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Basic Noorani Qaida

Specialy designed for different ages of students.
The Noorani Qaida is recommended for beginners to the reading process.It is a starter program offered by our many experienced teachers that help in guiding all different aged students ranging from the ages of 4 to 55, as well as newly converted Muslims There are 2 main teams that teach this program, 1 for children and other adults. Read More »read quran online free trial

Learn tajweed Rules for Beginners learning Quran

Learning Arabic Quran with its original essence is the dream of every Muslim. Many are achieving their goal by going to Islamic centers, but a recent research that we conducted shows a concerning factor that most of the Muslim's living in Western countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. cannot learn about Islam and the knowledge of koran due to the unavailability of either a nearby Institute or the availability of teachers and their busy schedule. To make it easy to read Quran online, we started Qur’an lessons for children and elders. Thanks to Allah almighty for the last 10 years we have made our name in providing online Islamic lectures to student all over the world. We have extended our services beyond borders to not just the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Canada, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Turkay and many others.

About the quality of our Qur’an tutor

To judge a Quran scholar’s capability, what do parents seek? We look at the 3 norms; first the way of interaction with their students, second to make it easier to understand and third the capability of judging their students. We established our team on these 3 norms and utilized each. We made also a team of Islamic scholars, Elaims, Mufties and top reciters and then equipped them with the best tools available. All this combined with their extensive knowledge about Islam and their teaching experience has made a perfect team. The team of specialized tutors teaches the students from various techniques in which they develop the student’s capability to identify the basic alphabets with Arabic pronunciation and teach the students step-by-step and guide them from basics to advance level. Their guiding helps proficient the student’s tajweed, tafseer, translation, memorization online, reading Quran Arabic idioms and more. We deliver what we promise. For free trail assistance call now 1-201-793-8133.

What is needed for learning Arabic Koran

quran tajweed It has never been easy in this busy life to drive to an Islamic Institute or imagine traveling to any Middle East country or hiring a special Quran tutor who can teach in an Arabic accent. It would end up being too costly and time consuming. Now it is possible to have professional teachers at your door step with the live session of our virtual classes. The students just need a computer, wired internet connection along with it a head phone. We have created separate programs of Tajweed rules for non Arabic-speaking students along with live sessions of holy Koran memorization and translation classes. All the classes are one on one. We have Live male and female tutors to accommodate everyone. Join us today for 3 days free trial and you can call now at 1-201-793-8133 for further information.