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Welcome to Read Quran Online

Read Quran Online is an “Online Quran Teaching” Institute, which was established to bring Muslims of all ages together to help those who wanted to learn to read the Quran. The Institute was designed with every type of person in mind. The programs are designed so that everyone can easily read Arabic Quran with the proper usage of the tajweed rules, as well as combine that with memorizing of the Quran at the same time. We at ReadQuranOnline use the latest technological software for our classes. The classes are online using live voice communication and the use of Live Quran screen sharing software to get the most one on one experience there is.

Deciding what the student wants to accomplish is the method used in deciding what type of course is best suited for the student. There are a variety of courses offered at Read Quran Online to let one decide what it is exactly that they would like to accomplish. Online Quran Classes are held 24/7 so accommodations are not a problem. The freedom of choice is left for the student; since the classes are 24/7 the choice of male or female tutors is available as well. We offer both male and female online Quran instructors that you can select from. Everything is accommodated so everyone can feel comfortable while learning and reciting the Quran Online. You decide what time, day, and instructor. It does not get any easier then this.

Our Vision at Readquranonline.net starts with the devotion we have to our students and instructors. We have not designed our program with just children in mind; we take in consideration all ages for learning. No particular one individual is left out of the program. We are here to provide the best online arabic Quran reading education you can get. Read Quran Online dedicates itself on the high success rate that we have had for so many years. We are constantly here for 24/7 support if anyone is to have any questions.

The mission of Readquranonline.net is to have every student learn the Quran and Islam. Having proper knowledge in todays day will only help us Muslims teach others the true meaning of Islam and being Muslim. Learning all the rules of tajweed as well as the true meaning of the message of Allah (SWT), we can better ourselves in our religion. For us providing is the #1 way to allow anyone who would like to learn Quran Online. It is a easy process to start that gives students and anyone else who wants to learn endless knowledge and benefits.

One-on-One Quran Lessons

A single instructor teaching the Quran to a single student

One-on-One Classes

Readquranonline.net offers a one-on-one experience where the lesson is just between the instructor and the student, ensuring 100% devoted attention and time to each student.

Flexible Timings For Quran Learning

Class schedule is made fitting to your time and convenience

Flexible Timings

The class schedules at Readquranonline.net are easy and extremely flexible to accommodate the student’s schedule.

Interactive Quran Classes

The newest technology and software used for optimum learning

Interactive Quran Classes

Readquranonline.net ensures that the learning process is the most interactive with kids by using video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing as well as multi-way audio.

Multilingual Quran Teachers

Our instructors teach in English, Arabic, Urdu, and Punjabi

Multilingual Quran Teachers

The instructors are all highly qualified to teach in English, Arabic, Urdu and Punjabi to have a wider spectrum of teaching and explaining, thus making them more easily able to communicate efficiently during class.

Device Convenience

Students can take classes on a computer, tablet, or any mobile device

Device Convenience

Readquranonline.net offers classes to be taken on PC computers, tablets, as well as mobile phones, making learning the Quran convenient anywhere.

Female Quran Tutors

A single female instructor giving classes to a single student

Female Quran Tutors

Highly qualified female instructors are available to any student who feels more comfortable with a female teacher for their Quran lessons.


Living in Las Vegas, there are not too many opportunities to have someone come over and teach my children the Qur’an. All the teaching programs require one to drive a good distance and then sit there while the kids take their classes. It is a lot of inconvenience till I found www.readquranonline.net. It has made my life much easier as well as providing proper knowledge for my children when reciting the Qur’an. Readingquranonline.net has provided me with the assurance that my kids are getting top-notch tutors to teach them the proper rules of tajweed while reciting.

Maryam Ali
Las Vegas, USA

Readquranonline.net has been nothing but easy to use. They took the time to understand what I wanted to accomplish and with that I was assigned a tutor that helped me better my Quran reciting skills. Everyone you talk to are all really helpful and it feels as if I have joined the readquranonline.net family

Omar Siddiqui

I have always been too busy to commit to learning the Quran the proper way. Since being introduced to readingquranonline.net, I have advanced so much in reciting and learning the translation of the Quran. The timings are flexible to fit anyone’s schedule no matter how busy you might be. There is proper time given to help anyone better themselves as Muslims. The free 3-day trail let me experience if it was something I wanted to commit to and I am glad I did.

Hina Noor


  • Tutors available 24/7
  • All Instructors are certified and trained Scholars
  • One-on-one Female instructors for female students
  • Curriculum is always updated for optimum learning
  • Quick and Easy Registration with immediate attention
  • All classes are adjustable to accommodate the student
  • Professional Holy Quran teaching office
  • Multi-lingual speaking Instructors
  • Free 3 day Trial


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