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Who we are, What we do

ReadQuranOnline.net is a registered online institute that is based in New Jersey, USA. It is a vision of a Muslim Business man who pursued out to find a way to educate his younger nieces and nephews, yet could not find anyone that would accommodate their time as well as preferences. The vision was to find highly educated Instructors that would ideally be able to teach the children at the specific time that they were not busy at. The idea struck to start Readquranonline.net, which would allow the children to decide their timings as well as what type of course they wanted to take.

The easiness of the program was unheard of before as well as the idea of having religion with hectic work/school days. All staff members are highly experienced in their teaching fields. They share the same vision and thoughts as the owner. Their mission is to teach as much Quran as they can to all Muslims around the world. No one should be left out of having the opportunity to learn the Quran the way it is meant to be. The process of learning is made easy by the instructors as well as the staff so that every individual can learn at their pace and way of instruction. The methods used by Readquranonline.net are personalized for the student, hence why it is the most chosen institute of parents and individuals.

Since the beginning of Read Quran Online, it has been one of the highest used websites online for Quran learning. So many courses and so many students later, we still strive to be the best. Time has well represented our mission and why we do what we do. We have more than 100 instructors who teach children and adults from over 40 different countries. Everyone is welcomed at Read Quran Online no matter what the goal in mind is. Every student will learn Quran to there pace and no child leaves in questions. As for adults, we have accommodated round the clock service so anyone can learn. Islam and the Quran do not limit knowledge for just kids. Some people’s circumstances might have made it not easy for them to learn or even have access to learning. By joining Read Quran Online, everyone from 3-100 years of age can learn.

We strive for the success of our students. No matter the age or mission, we are here to help and teach as many people as we can, to better spread the teachings of Islam.


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