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Basic Quran reading for kids


Read quran online have designed this course for kids and childrens to learn arabic Qaida online with the rules of tajweed and do memorization quran in easy way and the islmic fundamentels in front of ther parend with holy quran teaching staff


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Online Quran courses click here for free trials

read quran online special cources for kids and elders

Online Quran courses at Read Quran online
All the lessons are designed in diffrent age group of students from kids to elders.

Our qualified staff of Qaries, Reciters, hafiz, and Alams along with our whole team management have put together and designed all of these Qur’an courses for all different ages of students.Having the constant research and experience in the online teaching field, our team is always working 24/7 to spread the message of Allah and the Qur’an. It is the main essence of Islam and every Muslims identity.When all doors seem to be closed in front of us, we can always look into the Qur’an and inside there will surely be a window opened to enlighten us with new hopes and guidance.Having said this let us all join hands to gain and spread the knowledge of Islam.
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Basic Quranic Qaida for kids
Specially designed for different ages of children

The quranic qaida lessons are the structural and very base for building a strong bond and structure to have your child succeed. It is done in Arabic so children can adapt and understand clearer the Holy Scriptures. Our team of qualified teachers have designed this special course for different aged children from the ages of 4 till the age of 15 . You can enroll your children or yourself for 3 days free trial with live one to one instructor or you can contact with our qualified team of learn quran online they will be guide you futher about this course Read More »

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tajweed lessons easy way

Quran Tajweed for kids
Special courses designed for young kids who want to practice.

Most people do not know what tajweed is. It is the way to pronounce and learn the Qur'an with its true meaning and knowing of the articulation of the words and there rules when we learn them. This course is the most important part for students who want to learn the holy quran with its true essence and perfect recitation skills. The importance of quranic reading is not how to learn or recite the the arabic Quran in just a proper manner, but to know the rules of tajweed to be able to recite more beautifully. The contents of this course are Read More »

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quran for womens and new muslims learner

Noorani Qaida lessons for Elders
This course is mainly designed for elder muslims or people newly converted to Islam

Many elders who want to revive their Qaida lessons to start reading the quran or Newly converted muslims this course is speciallay designed for them. The main content of this course is to teach the very basics of islam about quran , namaz dowas along with the basic teachings of islam and the noorani qaida in arabic to mak it easy for them in learning the holy Quran from begining and it was never so easy to have it on their door step for making is so easy from them to learn the quranic scriptures in its true sprit at their home. In this quran course we teach Read More »

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becom a hafiz memorize quran live

Quran Memorazation for kids
Specially designed for children.

Many parents want their kids to memorize quran our teaching staff of hafiz and Quries have mad it easy to do so and vew their results in front of their eyes. this memorization course is designed specially for the kids and the childrens who want to do holy quranic memorization online or hifz Qur'an. It is essential for the kids to know the rules of tajweed during his memorization precess so that his recitation could be beautiful and perfect. For the biggeners our koran tutor start from para juz amma the 30th para and then prociding further with th content of Read More »

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Basic Quran reading in arabic for women
This course is created and designed for our sisters

Our teaching staff have manly designed this Basic quran reading in arabic course for women (sisters) who want to prefect their Quraan or want to read the quran in arabic from the biggning from quida. Mnay house whife or working women dont have much time because of ther bussy scadule but by joining us they can do if from their home on ther door step with quilfied teaching staff. We guide them from the very basic of reading the holy scriptures the main content is Read More »

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want to memorize quran easy way join us memorization tips

Holy Quran Memorization Program For Elders
Specialy designed for diffrent age of students from kids to elders

Many elders who want to do hifz and are eager to learn it by heart for it the specializa team of sheaks (Hafiz and Quries) have care fully structured the course for our elder brothers and made its easy for them to do memorization of the quranic scriptures online. its is essential for student to know the rules of tajweed during his learning process so there for our tutors put more stress on these rules during the whole memorizing process and requirement for this course is Read More »

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learn the rules of quran recitation in live intractive class

Rules Of Quran Recitation Online
Specially designed for all different aged students from children to elders

The beauty of the quranic scriptures lies in the way we recite or read it and for it your pronounciation plays very important role. It is also known by many muslims as the most beautiful part of their life and every muslim wishes to recite the Qur'an as beautiful as he could with an estonishing voice. In reciting the islamic Qur'an according to the main rules and knowing the prose and cons with the true knowledge of koran tajweed which helps them in bringing the beauty of the Quranic recitation and he detail of this quran lesson are Read More »

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read the holy quran tafseer in urdu and english

Read Quran Tafseer Online
Specialy designed for diffrent age of students from kids to elders

To learn tafseer the mislim should know the what is the meaning of it the meaning of tafseer is explaining the quran with the quranic scriptures and hadith in the depth and detail so it is essential for the student to Read the qu'ran tafseer and learning it by heart in ease to understand. we are offring this course in english and urdu. with our instructures (Alaam) contaning the full knowledge of hadith quran and tafseer it is very easy for students in learning it, the main requirement of this course are Read More »

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tajweed lessons online module 2 rules kids

Learning The Quran Tajweed Rules Elders

Mainly designed to enhance the capability of reciting with different tajweed

This course is a continuity of module 1. As we know the Quranic verses can be read and recited in 7 different ways. Some special rules are applied in the recitation program, and are essential for the reciter to be taught properly in how to handle them. This course will guide the students in making their recitation more beautiful and learn the arabic quran with rules and proper pronunciation . If you know more about this tajweed rules course . Read More »

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quran translation lessons

Learn Quran Translation In English And Urdu
This course is designed for those who would like a deep meaning of the Quran

There are many of our muslim friends who want to learn the translation of holy quran in english and urdu to know what koran quides us because by knowing its translation it make easy for a muslim to feel it and apply the guidence of it in our life. The strucure of this english quran course is put together by the Alaama who have full knowledge and experience in teaching. For it the student should be Read More »

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