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learn-quran-onlineOur highly qualified instructors have designed all the Quran courses offered at The Qaries, Reciters, Hafiz, as well as Alams have come up with all different types of courses for all ages to take. Each course was looked at and examined carefully to examine it and see which ways are the best to teach for optimum learning. All courses consist of special teaching methods special to its type of course. Different methods are used to make it easier for the student to learn and retain information being received.

On a constant bases, we strive to achieve the most current and up to date program teaching skills. The teams of instructors have spent much time on making the course individually special to you or your child. Our team and the instructors spend 24/7 to spread key knowledge of Islam and Allah (S.W.T.). Learning the Quran is one of the main essences of being a Muslim. Different courses help in the student being able to accomplish what their main goal is.

The courses for children are designed with the children in mind. The instructors have broken down the sessions of learning so that when class is occurring, they are not just teaching the Basic arabic Qaida or Hifz, they also teach the kids tips and tricks on how to retain the information taught longer. Having this special technique make it that the kids will remember the main information taught a lot longer then if they were to just recite the Holy Quran.

Courses that are based for adults are designed a lot differently then the courses are for children. Different techniques and guidelines are used to help any adult student become the greatest they can be. Some courses such as Qaida for Elders, breaks down the essential information needed and is taught in a manor so that the adult student taking the course will remember the basics as well as learn faster. The other course, which is Quran for Elders, goes in depth in the breakdown of tajweed pronunciation as well as proper sounds and recitation.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish for yourself or your child, we have a class for you. Whether you are just starting the Quran, want to learn Tajweed, do proper recitation, or just even learn translation of the Quran we can help you. Our instructors are here for you and any questions you might have regarding Islam.

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