How Does An Online Quran Teaching Work?


Live Quran teaching For Kids & Adults works by having live online Quran classes. Online learning is the fastest and most effective way to provide the knowledge of the Holy Quran to everyone. The process starts by the student deciding the days they are available as well as the times. The classes contain just the student and the instructor on a one to one class. The student is always assured pure devotion and time to the individual student for the best learning output. Since the times are so flexible, there is no need to ever worry about missing a class or trying to reschedule if there ever is to an emergency. Classes due to some events or emergency can be made up at another convenient time.

The interactive classes use different software’s including whiteboard, screen sharing, and other software usage to teach at all optimum levels. Besides the One to One teaching method, high tech software, and decision of whether the student wants a male or female instructor, there is the choice of language. have multilingual instructors that can teach in English, Arabic, Urdu, and Punjabi. Having a variety of languages allows for the best understanding of the Quran. Communication is the most important part of learning, thus these languages are used. Below are the following instructions that you will need to complete in order to receive your Free 5 Day Trial.  Follow the instructions and a staff member of will reach you as soon as possible to schedule your 5 Free days of classes.

  • You can follow the steps to download and install the software’s which are used for one on one classes
  • Go to and download
  • If not automatically downloaded then Click on the download section and run the software
  • After the download is complete make an account if you do not have one
  • Create an account or Sign in
  • Go to New Contacts
  • Add the contact name usmank87 into your skype contacts.
  • Write your Name and best contact number in the message box and Send

After you have done this, you will receive a call to assure the days you would like to receive your Free 5 Day Trial. Simple as that! 

Everyone at is here to help anyone and everyone to get the proper online Quran education they possibly can. It is never to late to learn in life.


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