Online Qaida Lessons for Kids

It is a dream for all Muslim parents to teach their children how properly learn the Quran. From reading to recitation, the Holy Quran has many aspects to it that everyone should learn. The Quran for Kids program is designed to go over and teach Dawahs, Namaz, Hadith as well as much more. As Muslims, we must teach our children to better their knowledge in Islam so they may never face any problems in life. The basic Quran Qaida is designed for kids to learn the most essential and proper way of the Quran. The Qaida consists of Holy Scriptures that are used to teach and have kids practice on so when they reach the Holy Quran there is no mistake made.

This course is designed for all different aged children that consist mostly of ages 4 to 15 years old. Though it is mostly offered to children between these ages, it is however not just permitted for them, if you have children that are plus or minus by 1 year then that is fine as well. In the course many techniques are used for helping in memorization and a method to fully grasp what is being taught. Basic Quran Qaida guides in helping basic Arabic grammar for optimum pronunciation as well as a higher percentage of have mistakes reoccur. The course focuses on little errors to be made in the beginning so they do not carry over for when reciting the Quran is done. Proper pronunciation is key to success. Properly being able to recite and pronounce leads to great success when doing Namaz, reciting or reading Hadiths or Kalmas.

Things like pronunciation, grammatical corrections, weekly practices are things that will guarantee success of your children while taking this course. While learning the Basics of the Quran Qaida as well as pronunciation, are things that will carry on forever in your child’s life. These rules and teachings starting at a young age are what will make your kids better Muslim’s and after this process is completed, they can excel into Recitation with Tajweed. Tajweed comes after the perfection of the Qaida is completed. Some parents like to have their children complete the Basic Qaida and move onto the Holy Quran while using Tajweed rules for perfect pronunciation.

Read Quran Online provides exceled instructors to teach young children all the rules for perfect reciting of the Holy Quran. These instructors are specially trained in teaching kids the Basic Quran Qaida.

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