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QURAN HIFZ ONLINE / MEMORIZE QURAN ONLINE brings you the best online portal system for learning how to memorize quran online. Students can learn through our services that provide a virtual classroom complete with a tutor and detailed lectures on the chosen course (Hifz, Tajweed, Islamic Studies, etc.).

Online programs are a part of today’s growing trends as they cater to the needs of students in various ways. While at home, kids and adults can both take regular classes at their own preset times. Screen-sharing software helps us to efficiently carry out the online lessons.

Synchronous learning has never been easier or more convenient than at This is because we have the right blend of teaching experience, skills and qualifications. We offer one to one class sessions between the student and teacher so that each pupil receives undivided attention. Here is what we have in store for you:

  • Round the clock availability of tutors
  • Certified scholars/teachers
  • Female teachers for female students
  • Updated and revised curriculum
  • Quick registration and immediate progress
  • Adjustable schedule for classes
  • Professional Qu’ran teaching services
  • Multi-lingual teachers
  • Free trial period

One of the more common programs we have is the Quran Hifz Online course. This is an all-in-one package for the students who have the earnest desire to memorize quran online. Through several different memorization tips and techniques, our tutors carefully nurture the minds of students. These tips include the strategies used by eminent orators of the Qur’aan in memorizing every verse, word for word.

Our prime focus is on helping students develop the ability to memorize quran online with ease and flexibility. Using only the best known methods of recitation and elocution, our qualified teachers will guide you through each and every step until you have mastered the art of memorizing the Quraan.
If you want to become a member of the family, fill out the registration form given in the link below. Once your details have been entered, you can submit the form and be eligible for a free trial period that can be taken for three classes. Once you have experienced our teaching method, if you are willing to take up the course, you can pay the fee through any of the payment methods cited in the form.

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